Travel with your wig worry-free!
There may be times when you need to maintain your wig during travel or when you’re on the go. Here are a few tips for keeping your wig looking great when you’re out of reach of Wigs and Hair Solutions.
Seal Up Your Products
When you’re on the go, ensure that any of your wig products are sealed in bags or leakproof containers. Avoid costly spills that could cause damage to your wig!

Put a Sock in It

If you don’t have a wig stand to maintain your wig’s shape, roll up a few pairs of clean socks to place along the inside cap crown. This gives the hairstyle a rounded shape when stored, and saves a little packing space, too.

Glitz at the Ritz

You can keep your wig looking beautiful as you snooze at the hotel by using hotel coat hangers. You can wash your wig overnight and use the coat hanger to dry your locks in the shower or bathroom. The wig will maintain its shape draping upside down overnight.

Ride Shotgun

Rather than stuffing your wig in the backseat, keep it up front with you. Constant heat can wear down human and synthetic strands, so it’s important to keep your wig out of the stuffy trunk.

Cool it Down

Speaking of heat, give your wig a break when you’re traveling in a warm climate. Hang it by the AC, keep it in the hotel room, or seek the shelter of a cool umbrella.